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The Triumvirate Coalition stands united with the Galactic Alliance in its fight against Imperial oppression. Our organisation is unique with three joint leaders and several advisory members forming the Chambers command unit, which is complemented by a democratically elected Senate which allows any Triumvirate member to become involved within the decision-making process. Our government is rooted in the ideals of Freedom, Community and Equality and we work tirelessly towards these goals. Our citizens are free to work and live as they please. Our community is second to none with excellent activity and strong friendships. Our government is founded on the equality of members, dedication and hard work can elevate you to any position within the government.

The Coalition is based in the Teraab sector and at the core of this is the Coalition system of Pesmenben where the headquarters of each Coalition group is located: The Triumvirate Coalition, the Triumvirate Mining Corporation and Triumvirate Space Technologies. Our presence so close to the inner core of the galaxy ensures freedom for billions of citizens of Teraab.

On the left hand side of your holo-screen you will find information on the various areas of the Coalition, departments, as well as information on how to contact us or even seek employment within our group.

The Triumvirate Coalition government is currently led by Consul Jar-Tan Kem, Consul Dero Racto and Consul Ait Maru.

Enclave News

A rare announcement from the Coalition Jedi Enclave is slated to begin shortly.
Marines Announcement

The Draigon's logo flashes on the screen signaling an impending news conference from the Coalition's Marines.
TMC Change of Leadership
This is Claire Drummont and you are watching the Teraab News Network.

Tonight's news revolves around Jack Ball, the diligent leader of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation, stepping down and the naming of his successor.
TC Invitational Announcement
The Coalition Affairs logo flashes onto the screen, denoting a rare special announcement from the branch.

Galactic Alliance Appoints New Secretary-General
Galactic Alliance
A special news report, straight from the Galactic News Service.

Thanos Rising
Your viewscreen flickers and the TCNN theme beings to play as TCNN anchor Claire Drummont appears on your screen.

A Brand New Dawn - The Eighth Triumvirate
Your viewscreen flickers for a moment and returns, showing a large crowd massed outside the Coalition Headquarters on Pesmenben III.

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